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Phenomenal Impact

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phenomenal Impact

The outreach was birth to provide assistance to those that fall in the gap.  They make a little to much to qualify for assistance but not enough to provide for their family.
We provide urgent needs such as clothes, food, free training workshops, teaching to motivate, encourage and challenge those we assistant.
To be a lighthouse in the world for God. Motivating, encouraging and challenging others to become effective disciples of God.

Faith to Faith Impact

Influenced by the Great Commission! Motivated to Do more, Be more, Have more and Give more to make an IMPACT for the Kingdom of God. Inviting you to join me and my powerhouse ministry team as we travel the world with an unforgettable one day empowerment experience. If this event has not been scheduled to come to your area yet, then take action and RESERVE a day for this event to come your way! Network with others locally to get this ministry in your town, city, your state NOW! For more information call today!