RMJ Youth Vision

RMJ Youth vision is a Christian Based youth Center. Our goal is to help children who live in at risk environments.  Emphasizing academic excellence nurture  the child with an holistic development approach of body, soul, & mind with positive intervention. Our goal is to bring under privileged children the message of Christ, and to create a safe & nurturing environment where children can experience love through nourishment, intellectual development. 

Our Objectives

Objective# 1

Youth ages 5-18 (pre-K to 12th grade) will increase their reading phonics, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling skills after completing these sessions.

Objective# 2

Youth will increase their knowledge of comprehension, and focus skills after completing these sessions.

Objective# 3

Youth will improve in other educational skills such as math and english. They will also be more confident in themselves.

Objective# 4

Youth will develop a foundation relationship with Christ.

As Rose Jarvis Ministries continue to make an impact on our youth become a part of the cause. Every donation is appreciated! We thank you in advance.

To send donations by mail: P.O. Box 1372 Gloucester Point, Virginia 23062